September Was Warmer, Drier Than Normal

OSWEGO, NY – September was a rather warm and dry month.

“It was rather quiet, as far as Septembers go,” according to Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service.

Warm, dry weather was the rule most days last month.
Warm, dry weather was the rule most days last month.

The average temperature last month was 63.2 degrees. That is 1.2 degrees above average, according to Gregway.

The highest temperature was 89 degrees on the 5th and the lowest was 39 degrees on the 19th.

There were no records set in September, he said, adding the 39 degrees was “close, but no cigar.”

The total precipitation for September was 1.87 inches.

That is 2.30 inches below average.

“We’re still way ahead over all,” Gregway noted.

Total precipitation since the first of the year at the end of last month stands at 36.52 inches, he said. That is 5.63 inches above average.

“We’ve dropped a little bit. Remember, last month (August) we were almost 8 inches higher than average,” Gregway said.

The greatest rainfall in a 24-our period last month was 0.60-inch on the 14th.

“Over the summer we had months with 2 or 3 days in some cases where we had over an inch o rainfall,” Gregway pointed out. “September has dried things out quite a bit.”

There were 11 days in a row with no measurable precipitation last month; “our Indian Summer,” Gregway quipped.

The area saw 56 percent of the possible amount of sunshine for September. That is right where it should be, Gregway noted.

The number of cloudy days, 13, was 3 above average.

The number of partly cloudy days, 10, was average.

The number of clear days, 7, was 3 below average.

There was one thunderstorm day last month, which is 2 below average.

There was one foggy day, which is average.

September had no snow; it usually receives a trace, Gregway said.

Snowfall for the season stands at one inch. That’s one inch above average, thanks to the hailstorms the previous month, Gregway said.