Severe Weather Plunges County Into Darkness, Closes Roads

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UPDATE 1:30 PM: Severe storms ripped through Oswego County at midday Tuesday. At this writing, nearly 21,000 county homes and businesses are without power, and at least two main highways are closed.

At this hour, the county remains under a tornado watch, meaning that the conditions exist for tornadoes to form, but there is no guarantee that they will.

According to National Grid (outage tracker here), all but a few communities in the county were hit hard by the driving rain and strong winds. Nearly 3,000 homes and businesses in the city of Oswego lost power, as did 2,100 customers each in the towns of Sandy Creek and Scriba. Nearly every village, town and city in the county reported some level of power outage due to the storm.

National Grid officials say their crews are in the field and working to restore power. The utility projects most or all customers will have power back by 5:00 p.m.

The storm knocked down power lines and trees. Some of those downed lines and trees forced major roads to close:

  • Interstate 81, both northbound and southbound, was closed as of 1:30 pm between the Sandy Creek and Pulaski exits because of downed power lines;
  • NYS Route 104, the main east-west highway through the center of the county, was closed at Tollgate Rd. in the Town of New Haven because of downed trees and wires;
  • NYS Route 3 was closed in both directions at the intersection with NYS Route 104B in the town of Mexico because of a downed tree.

One eyewitness told the Daily News that Route 481 was closed as of about 2pm in Oswego between Utica Street and Syracuse Avenue.
The storm and the threat of a tornado caused two county schools to change plans. Phoenix and Pulaski schools both cancelled afternoon pre-Kindergarten classes.

No injuries have been reported yet as a result of the severe storm.

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  1. On the west side of Oswego we got hit pretty hard. Several large tree limbs fell and a two got tangled up in the power lines. The wind was incredible!

  2. Although not as bad as Minetto and Oswego, Martville had downed trees, and you could not see anything but water flowing sideways out the windows in downtown Hannibal. It almost seemed like you were looking into one of those big tanks at the National Aquarium….

  3. The wind blew the rain underneath my siding so that I had water dripping off of my light fixture in my dining room.

  4. there looked to be a tree uprooted at st. luke! huge branches down and some roads were closed! mini tornado?

  5. During a bad storm like yesterdays with no power or TV and just a battery radio and no good local radio station try to find out any news about whats going on.(SURPRISE)

  6. Oswego wasn’t hit nearly as hard as northern areas like Sandy Creek and Sandy Pond we had large trees down power lines and overturn mobile homes.

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