Sewer Separation Project To Start in Fifth, Seventh Wards

OSWEGO, NY – The city of Oswego is required to separate the “Combined Sewer System” in the easterly portions of the Fifth and Seventh wards as mandated in a Consent Decree with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

Sewer Separation Project To Start in Fifth, Seventh Wards
Sewer Separation Project To Start in Fifth, Seventh Wards

The city has entered into a construction contract with Joseph J. Lane Construction Inc., Syracuse, for installation of new stormwater sewers in all of the streets outlined within the accompanying map.

The $4,824,888 project cost is financed with the assistance of the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the next few days and will be completed by July 2014.

The project involves excavation of trenches in the city streets, installation of approximately 16,000 lineal feet of new sewer pipes, replacement of old lead water services within the streets, backfilling of trenches, and restoration of pavements.

The contractor is required to maintain dust control, as well as daily access to property owners’ driveways.

The project will be monitored daily by an on-the-job inspector, as well as a representative from the City Engineer’s Office.

Please call the City Engineer’s Office (342-8153) should you have any questions concerning the project or experience any adverse condition during construction.

The city realizes that the work may cause a certain amount of temporary inconvenience while the project is in progress.

Public patience will be appreciated during construction.

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  1. Is somebody going to be with these construction worker to make sure all the sewer pipes are really going to be put in because years ago some company or there workers never put the pipes in and the city couldn’t find 2 places that i know of. Well were did they go. This was a long time ago this was done about maybe 6 years ago looking for one well they couldn’t find the pipe for the water in one place and at the other one was long time ago done, but found know pipes lines. I guess somebody got paid good money and then they paid somebody to really put them in with most likely our tax dollars had to pay over again to put the pipes in.

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