Sheldon Institute 2011

Sheldon Institute is sponsored by Team Sheldon and the SUNY Oswego School of Education. This two week educational enrichment program for students in grades two through ten is scheduled for July 25 – August 5th. Exciting, hands-on classes are scheduled for the students in each of four divisions. The Novice I program welcomes students entering grades 2 and 3, and the Novice II Program is designed for students going into grade 4. These two programs have specific classes that all students attend. Novice students also have the opportunity to swim each day in the pool at Lee Hall.

The Junior Division is designed for students entering grades 5-7, and the Senior Division is geared for students entering grades 8-10. These students have the opportunity to choose from different classes offered in each of the four daily sessions. Courses scheduled for this year include; “Cooking from the Garden”, “Hip Hop”, “Everything Old is New Again”, “Festival of Chocolate”, “Future Fitness Stars”, “Print Making”, “Martial Arts”, “Spanish and Art”, “Tie Dye Workshop”, and “Web Design”.

The program ends on August 5th with Sheldon Showcase. This provides the opportunity for students to share a portion of what they have learned while attending the Institute, in the form of skits, presentations, displays and demonstrations. A video presentation highlighting students involved in the fun and unique experiences at Sheldon will be presented at the Showcase.

The site for Sheldon Institute is the beautiful SUNY Oswego campus on the shore of Lake Ontario. Classes are scheduled in buildings throughout the campus, giving students the opportunity for independence, while still being carefully monitored by the Sheldon staff. Classes are designed to take advantage of the excellent facilities that are available at SUNY Oswego. Art and theatre classes are offered at Tyler Hall, and technology classes such as web design are offered in college computer labs. The headquarters for this year’s program is in Hewitt Union.

Instructors for the program include public school teachers, college professors, and experienced practitioners, who bring a great deal of enthusiasm and desire to share their love of learning. Kathleen Bartley is returning as director of Sheldon Institute for her fourth year. Mrs. Bartley has over 35 years of experience in the field of education, having served as an elementary teacher, principal, director of curriculum, and most recently as Assistant Superintendent of Instruction in the Central Square School District.

Sheldon Institute still has room for a few more students. If you have a child entering grades 2-10 and are interested in a great summer program, you can go online to and check it out, or call Candy Rasbeck at 312-2103 for more information.