Sheldon Institute Gearing Up for its 34th Year!

OSWEGO, NY – Designed to address the academic and cultural needs of motivated, inquisitive, and creative students, Sheldon Institute, sponsored by Team Sheldon and the School of Education at SUNY Oswego, is gearing up for its 34th year.

The popular two-week commuter program, scheduled for July 23 – August 3 offers educational and fun filled classes for school age children entering grades 2-10. The day starts at 8:15 am and ends at 3:45 pm, Monday through Friday and offers courses in, but not limited to: communication, cultural appreciation, expression, wellness, language, reading/writing workshop, research, science, sports, technology, and the arts.

Students in the Novice I (grades 2-3) and Novice II (grade 4) program have a set schedule with a specific theme each year and are supervised by a team of teachers who coordinate each day’s activities. In addition to their regular classes, they have the opportunity to swim each morning, as long as life guards are available.

Junior level students (grades 5-7) and senior level students (grades 8-10) get to select four classes to attend in areas of their specific interests. Senior level students who are entering grades 9 or 10, and have an interest in pursuing a career in the education field, also have the opportunity to apply for a Teacher Helper position. If accepted into the program, they attend two classes each day, work with the Novice instructors for the balance of their day, and pay a reduced tuition.

For more information on this exciting program, please visit, email Candy Rasbeck at [email protected], or call her at 312-2103.