Sheriff’s Summer Camp Continues

Heading off to camp
Heading off to camp

OSWEGO – This year’s first group of Oswego County campers to attend the New York State Sheriff’s Institute Summer Camp were seen off by Deputy Joe Taylor and Undersheriff Gene Sullivan.

Heading off to camp
Heading off to camp

The Oswego County Deputies Association coordinates the event locally.

The children will spend the next week enjoying land and water activities, in addition to interacting with Sheriff’s deputies who are the camp’s counselors.

This provides campers with an opportunity to engage and interact with deputies in an informal and relaxed setting that promotes a respectful relationship with law enforcement.

For more information on the Sheriff’s Institute Summer Camp, visit https://www.sheriffsinstitute.org/

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  1. i am going tomorrow and i cant what to meat new people and hang out with friends i am related to Keven mullverhill and i can what to have fun

    from Dillon Coates

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