Shineman Foundation Boosts Casey’s Cottage Stained-Glass Wndows Project

MEXICO – The Richard S. Shineman Foundation has awarded the Friends of Mexico Point Park a grant to build 18 embrasure style windows in the “moat” at Casey’s Cottage.

The cottage is located on the grounds of Mexico Point State Park.

Windows project supported

The Friends of Mexico Point Park invites all members of the communities of Oswego County to participate by submitting designs for the stained-glass windows that will be placed in these openings.

An embrasure is the name for the small narrow windows in a fortified building designed for archers or musketeers to shoot through at enemies from behind the protection of the narrow opening.

Casey’s Cottage was designed in the 1930s in the style of a European medieval manor house with beautiful carvings on the inside and a defensive “moat” around the perimeter, with many of these narrow windows surrounding the cottage in the area called the “moat.”

But since the cottage was also meant to embody peace and friendship, the original windows were filled with colorful pieces of stained glass held in place with tar.

These original windows have fallen apart over the years and we plan to replace them with equally colorful windows in stained-glass built in the much more durable Tiffany style with lead solder holding the pieces together.

The windows will be protected from the weather with windows of safety glass on the outside.

Professional stained-glass artist, Scott Brennan, who re-built the famous stained-glass windows in the vaulted ceiling dome at Bolt Castle, has advised us on how best to build the windows, and has donated the safety glass from pieces he has used to build much larger stained-glass windows.

Local woodworker Don Stein is making wood frames for the safety glass and wood frames for the stained-glass windows.

Soon they will be ready for your designs.

The current openings are being widened so that each finished window will be 5 inches wide, and one of 4 lengths: 5 will be 22 inches long, 3 will be 25 inches long, 7 will be 28 inches long, and 2 will be 32 inches long.

Each will have a gothic peak at the top.

Applicants should submit designs to fit one of these sizes.

Stained-glass artist Laurie Kester and artistic-glass artist Diane Chepko-Sade will adapt the chosen designs, adjusting colors so that the windows will all go together.

They will then build the stained-glass windows and install them in the 18 embrasures at Casey’s Cottage.

A brass plaque will be placed under each window engraved with the name of the designer.

To submit a design for one of these windows please see the contest rules at under the menu item Casey’s Cottage.

June 1 is the deadline for the window design contest.

If you would like to see the cottage and be inspired by the carvings and artwork there, Casey’s Cottage is now open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 2-4 p.m.

Group tours can also be arranged by emailing [email protected] or phoning 315-529-1589.

Contest winners will be announced and their winning design drawings will be on display at Casey’s Cottage during the music and arts festival, Celebrating the Arts at Mexico Point Park, June 9 from 2-5 p.m.