Shineman Foundation Partners With ARISE To Preserve Independence

OSWEGO, NY – ARISE is pleased to announce the start of a new program that will make it possible for people to remain at home. Made possible through support from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation, the Housing Options Made through E-modifications (HOME) program will cover the cost of minor interior home modifications that become necessary due to mobility issues.

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From left are: Sabine Ingerson, director of Oswego County Offices – ARISE; Jim Karasek, manager of Independent Living Services – ARISE Oswego; and Lauren Pistell, executive director – Shineman Foundation.

Without this assistance, people could be forced to move into nursing homes.

The growing aging population in Oswego County means that more people are experiencing health issues, and many of them require mobility devices. There are also individuals who acquire a disability due to injury or illness.

For most, remaining at home is a high priority. Helping people to stay at home assists individuals, preserves families, and is good for the community.

ARISE currently provides ramps for people in Oswego County who cannot afford them. Sometimes, the ramp makes all the difference. Other times, while the ramp makes it possible to get to the front door, interior accessibility challenges remain. The HOME Program will allow ARISE to expand the scope of services by offering basic interior modifications that remove accessibility issues.

Through the HOME Program, doorways may be widened, grab bars installed in bathrooms, and other minor modifications will be made in order for people to be able to move around their home. This is a great complement to the existing ARISE Ramp Program.

“We have known that providing a ramp doesn’t always resolve mobility challenges,” said Sabine Ingerson, director of the ARISE Oswego County Office. “We are so grateful to the Richard S. Shineman Foundation for responding to this important need in the community. Their support means that we can help people remain at home, preserving their independence and family connections.”

Lauren Pistell, executive director of the Shineman Foundation, is well aware of the benefit to the individual, the family and the community.

“Our Foundation is thrilled to support this new initiative from ARISE as part of our commitment to be a catalyst for positive change in Oswego County. Not only does the program profoundly impact the lives of individuals with mobility challenges, but it eases the burden of taxpayers who would likely bear the cost of nursing home care,” she said.

For more information on the HOME Program, call 342-4088.

ARISE is a non-profit Independent Living Center run by and for people with disabilities. The organization has been providing advocacy and services since 1979, and each year ARISE works with approximately 4,000 people of all ages who have all types of disabilities. ARISE has offices in Oswego, Onondaga, and Madison Counties and operates ARISE at the Farm, a 77-acre recreational facility in Chittenango, NY, and ARISE & Ski at Toggenburg Winter Sports Center in Fabius, NY.

About The Richard S. Shineman Foundation

The Richard S. Shineman Foundation is a private foundation established in 2012 by the bequest of Richard S. Shineman, a tenured professor of chemistry at SUNY Oswego. Its vision is to become a “Catalyst for Change” across Central New York and, in particular, Oswego County. The Foundation uses its financial resources to work towards this vision by building the capacity of not-for-profit organizations to enhance the quality of life in their communities. Contact [email protected] or visit www.shinemanfoundation.org for more information.