Shooting Threats Against Fulton School ‘Don’t Check Out’, Superintendent Says

A student’s alleged threat to bring a gun to school in Fulton has been investigated by police, the district’s Superintendent said.

Bill Lynch told Oswego County Today that the threat surfaced on Tuesday.

Since then, the district and police have been talking with anyone who reported hearing the threat.  He said everyone they’ve talked to heard the threat from someone else, but not from the student alleged to have made the threat.

“We’ve never discovered a link to the student whose name surfaced,” Lynch said. “They don’t check out.”  He added that the district is not saying a threat wasn’t made.

While he would not divulge specific details, he said “we’ve taken precautions with regards to the individual student.”

Lynch said the district and police department are interested in hearing from anyone who may have heard the threat directly from the student.

There have been scattered reports of threats made against schools in the wake of the deadly shootings in Connecticut last week.  Wednesday, police in Chittenango arrested a student who allegedly made a threat to bring a gun to school.  Lynch said if police could prove a threat had been made by a specific person, that person would be arrested.

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  1. All they atated was Fulton School. Being there are several schools in Fulton you think they would devlulge which shool it was. I have grandchildren in differnt schools in the Fulton School District and am concerned. I would like to know which school this relates to. It is ashamed that anyone would make a comment like this at any time especially after the fact of a fatal incident. Same on all those invovled if it is indeed not true. Those speading such a rumor in fact if it is a rumor should be disicplined.

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