Shop Local

I appreciate your letting me take a moment of your time to make my annual reminderappeal to everyone the importance of shopping local. We recently went through another successful “shop small business Monday” and once again my wife and I were able to find a couple of great places that we did not know existed. This effort to spend your dollars in locally owned stores is such a strong part of our overall economic engine that it should become a natural habit. Those dollars not only keep our local businesses open, they retain employment for many others throughout our county. That employment is our neighbors, friends, children, grandchildren and sometimes yourself or a spouse. The other piece of this effort is that these local businesses then make purchases of supplies, services and personnelstaffing that keeps that dollar you spent in our community and starts the cycle all over again.
I have also heard from many that in shopping local you get better service. I have to admit that I have had great experiences in big box stores as well as smaller stores, Customer service is an individual and personal interaction between seller and buyer and some do it well while others, lets say are still in training mode. I have met great people with the right personality and attitude that creates the atmosphere to want to return to a particular store or business. What I do see a difference in is that often times the small business just has more time to allocate to any questions or needs I may have. That extra interaction time is much appreciated and makes me feel better about my purchase whether it is goods or a service.
All of our entities that exist in Oswego County are a vital part of our fabric, the mix of Large Corporate Business down to the Mom and Pop stores make up who we are. I would just ask that when you consider spending your holiday dollars you consider two goals. Shop Oswego County first and whenever possible spread some of those empowering dollars to locally owned smaller businesses. Thank you
James Karasek

Oswego County Legislator.