Shullick Wins Third ISMA Super Nationals at Oswego

OSWEGO, NY – Ohio’s Dave Shullick, Jr. won his third Bud Light ISMA Super Nationals on Saturday night at the Oswego Speedway. It was the series-leading fifth win of the 2016 season on the circuit (his first of the year at Oswego) for the pilot of the Jim Bodnar-owned No. 95.

Shullick would break into the top five early in the 60-lapper and then follow the defending race winner, Timmy Jedrzejek, into second place. Once perched in the runner-up position, he would stay close and take advantage of Jedrzejek’s tiring No. 97 on the 39th lap. Once taking command, he would never see a challenge the rest of the way.

“The car was really good tonight, Shullick said. “It’s tough here, everybody’s fast. You’ve got to pass them when you can. You’re not going to blow by most of these people. They’re pretty much all going good. You’ve got to pick your spots and do the best you can.”

“Timmy and I banged a little bit when I went by him, but overall it was a pretty clean race. Anytime you can win here at Oswego with an awesome car and with awesome people, it’s a good feeling. It’s fun racing here.”

Shullick will be back on Oswego’s five-eighth’s mile on Sunday, racing for John Nicotra in the Budweiser International Classic 200.

Massachusetts native, Ben Seitz, would get the early jump on Ohio’s Trent Stephens at the start of the 60-lap main event. Moe Lilje, Mark Sammut and Dan Bowes chased the lead duo across the stripe to complete lap No. 1. Jedrzejek would enter into the top five on the third lap, sailing around the Bowes No. 25. Four laps later he would take fourth away from Sammut.

Seitz and Stephens would begin to creep away from Lilje. However, Stephens preferred it be a one-car breakaway. On the 10th lap, he put his No. 19 to the outside of the race leader, taking the point on the front straightaway. Stephens would then put a quick five lengths on the Seitz’s No. 17 and begin to pull away form the field on his own.

Behind the race leaders, Shullick had entered the top five on the 12th lap, with an outside pass on Sammut. He would begin hounding Lilje for four laps, but the race’s first caution would fly on lap No. 16.

Pulling away with the lead, Stephens suddenly found himself pulling his No. 19 over to the outside of the track, suffering a mechanical failure on his No. 19.

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With 15 laps in the books, Seitz found himself back atop the field, leading Lilje, Jedrzejek, Shullick and Sammut. Bowes, Rob Summers, Dave McKnight, Mike Ordway, Jr. and Mike McVetta rounded out the top 10.

Lilje had nothing for Seitz on the restart and little to fight off Jedrzejek’s advances. Three laps into the run, Jedrzejek’s No. 97 would slip underneath the No. 76 to take away second place. Shullick would follow the No. 97, moving into.

Wasting no time to pounce on Seitz, Jedrzejek would swap passing routs and take Seitz on the high side. On the 20th lap, the No. 97 would nose ahead on the frontstretch and take command in turn No. 1. Again, Shullick would tuck in behind Jedrzejek and advance forward as well. One lap later the yellow flag would fly for Alison Cumens’ spun No. 39.

21 rounds in, Jedrzejek led Shullick, Seitz, Lilje and Sammut. Bowes, Ordway, McKnight, Kyle Edwards and McVetta completed the top 10.

On the ensuing restart, the No. 97 and No. 95 quickly pulled away from the field. They would hold a full stretch on their nearest chasers just five laps into the run.

Ordway appeared to have the car with the most life it it behind the race leaders. He would bounce Bowes back to seventh on the restart. The Clyde Booth-owned No. 61 would press Sammut for fifth place for a half-dozen or so laps, finally conquering the No. 78 on the 32nd lap.

Up front, the leaders were coming up on lapped traffic. However, just before their venture into the tail-end of the field would begin, Shullick would shoot underneath Jedrzejek’s No. 97 between turns three and four. He would round the fourth turn as the new race leader on the 39th lap. And as if he’d taken it up to another gear, Shullick would begin to race away. A lead twosome was no more.

Still moving forward, Ordway would take fourth away from Lilje on the 41st lap and begin working on Seitz’s No. 17. Five laps later he would make an outside bid on the No. 17 stick, taking over third. Ordway was flying, but was trailing Jedrzejek by a full straightaway and the race leader by half a lap.

However, Jason Spaulding’s No. 23 would stall in the fourth turn, bringing out the caution flag on the 57th lap. Shullick’s massive lead would be erased as his nearest challengers lined up behind him.

A little over one lap into the ensuing restart, sixth-place running Sammut spun off of turn No. 4. Shullick would begin to race away unchallenged on the next restart, but Sammut would spin again after losing the left-rear wheel on his No. 78.

Before another green flag lap could be run, the race was red-flagged for refueling. The field had reached its maximum number of allotted caution laps that their fuel load would allow for.

Jedrzejek and Ordway were given one last opportunity to make something happen, but neither would have anything for the No. 95. Shullick would take the green flag and run away over the final three laps to take the win.

Jedrzejek was pleased with his run, earning the Howie Lane-owned No. 97 a second-place finish.

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Charging up to a podium finish from his 10th starting spot, Ordway landed the No. 61 in third.

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Scoring his third top-five finish ever at Oswego, Lilje drove the Jimmy Bodnar-owned No. 76 to a fourth-place run.

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Putting the Gary Morton-owned No. 70 in the top five for the first of it’s two Classic Weekend races, McKnight came home in fifth.

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Making his only stop at Oswego aboard the California-based, Penix Racing No. 3, was New Jersey’s Joey Payne.

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Sammut, Summers and Ordway collected heat race wins.

Bud Light ISMA Supernationals 50: 1. Dave Shullick, Jr. (61), 2. Tim jedrzejek (97), 3. Mike Ordway, Jr. (61), 4. Moe Lilje (76), 5. Dave McKnight (70), 6. Ben Seitz (17), 7. Dan Bowes (25), 8. Alison Cumens (39), 9. Jamie Timmons (27), 10. Danny Shirey (49), 11. Kyle Edwards (1), 12. Mark Sammut (78). 13. Jason Spaulding (23), 14. Mike McVetta (22), 15. Joey Payne (3), 16. Rob Summers (74), 17. Trent Stephens (19), 18. Bobby Magner (65), 19. Lou LeVea, Sr. (96), 20. Mike Netishen (55), 21. Mike Lichty (84), 22. DNS – Rich Reid (48)