Small Electrical Fire Reported at NMP Unit 1

SCRIBA, NY – There was a declaration and subsequent termination of an Unusual Event at Nine Mile Point Unit 1 station earlier Monday evening.

“Nine Mile Point declared an Unusual Event at 7:01 p.m. on October 22 in accordance with our procedures due to an equipment fire (electrical panel) that was not able to be confirmed extinguished within 15 minutes,” according to Jill Lyon, Constellation Energy Nuclear Group spokesperson. “We confirmed that the fire was extinguished at 7:08 p.m. and Nine Mile Point exited the Unusual Event at 7:32 p.m. upon taking all necessary actions.”

Constellation Energy Nuclear Group’s highest value is safety: nuclear safety, public safety, worker safety and environmental safety, she added.

“Our personnel took immediate and appropriate action to extinguish the small fire in accordance with our procedures and their training.  No personnel were injured as a result of this event. Unit 1 remains in a safe condition and the event did not pose a risk to the public or plant operations. The fire did not affect plant operations,” Lyon said.

An Unusual Event is the lowest level of four emergency classification levels for a nuclear plant.  Because of the strict federal regulations, any event out of the ordinary is reported to federal, state and local authorities. The event poses no risk to the public or to plant employees. Appropriate officials and personnel are notified.

“Constellation Energy Nuclear Group will conduct a detailed review of this event to ensure we take the necessary actions to prevent it from happening again and to apply what we learn from the event to all areas of operation,” Lyon said.