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September 18, 2018

Small Fire at Former Nestles Site During Prep to Take Down Overpass

FULTON, NY – The Fulton Fire Department responded to the former Nestles site to assist in extinguishing a small fire from the overpass connecting two buildings on site.

Photo provided by Fulton Fire Department

Photo provided by Fulton Fire Department

The 24-acre former Nestles site, located at 555 S. Fourth St., is being demolished by Infinity Enterprises with particular focus currently on the corner of Fay Street and South Fourth Street as a contract with supermarket chain, Aldi promises 2 acres of build ready property in this area.

Fulton Police announced the closure of Fay Street recently as Fulton Mayor, Ronald Woodward Sr. said that prep work is being done on the overpass connecting two buildings on opposite sides of Fay Street for its anticipated removal.

The overpass is scheduled to be taken down sometime in the coming weeks.

Captain Bill Molascon said the fire was a result of workers cutting steel with limited insulation inside the overpass.

The fire required ladders to reach it at the highest point but “produced very little smoke and couldn’t travel far,” Molascon said, referring to the fire as small with minimal damage.

There were no injuries reported and work is expected to continue as planned.

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