Snow Sunday, Bitter Cold Today

Winter’s showing what it can do when it wants to.

Sunday brought a surprisingly heavy snowstorm to the Fulton area.  A narrow band of clouds dumped tons of snow on the city while leaving areas just north of the city line almost untouched.

The National Weather Service reports that as of 7:00 a.m. Monday, 19 inches of snow had fallen on Fulton in the prior 24 hours, and that the storm’s total was more than 25 inches.

And just when everyone got shoveled out and the plows got to the secondary streets, the bottom fell out of the thermometer.

The weather service reports that Fulton saw a low of -12 at its automated weather station at the Oswego County Airport, while a weather observer in Palermo reported a low of -6.

An hour north, however, temperatures hit rock bottom.  A weather spotter reported -30 in Barnes Corners, while the weather service’s station in Watertown recorded a low of -24.

And tomorrow?  Well, a snowless warmup, of course.  Temperatures could hit the snow- and ice-melting mid-30’s.

A large storm, a deep freeze and a quick thaw — all within 72 hours.

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  1. And we do it all over again (lol!). on Wednesday, so keep the shovels ‘warmed up!’ And drive carefully, as slush turns to ice very quickly when it turns bitter again. Still, these cold days keep our lake cold and less chance for that sort of sleet we saw in the early part of this century (2004?) when we had that ice storm that dropped power lines and lost us heat throughout the county for five days.

    There is an up side to everything!

    Time Books (and who hates to shovel … ).

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