Snowball! AKA: Oswego County Treasurer’s Office

To The Editor:
A snowball gets bigger and bigger the more you roll it around in the snow.

The county’s snowball started back when a county treasurer retired and appointed a successor.

Now that in itself wouldn’t have been a problem, but the fact that the appointee may or may not have a high school diploma is questionable.

You might have better luck sighting Bigfoot than seeing proof of a diploma.

Again, that wouldn’t be a problem if that person was handling simple bookkeeping, but it’s our more than $200 million.

This still wouldn’t be a problem due to the fact that the treasurer had two very capable people working under him. They are a chief accountant and junior accountant, both very experienced and knowledgeable.

The first to resign was the chief accountant. This person knew the most about the Treasury Department and did most of the work.

Then again another appointment was made.

This person had paperwork but when the time came to take the Civil Service test to hold the job they failed the test.

We should have hired one of the other people who passed the test.


Not at the county.

Let’s keep the person on that failed the test and have them take the test again.

Also let’s give them a $2,890 raise.

Then the junior accountant announces their retirement.

A temporary position is created with the stipulation that when the person moves up the position will be eliminated.

The person is hired six months ahead of when the retiree is going to leave.


So he can get proper training.

So we have two people doing one job for six months.

After the training period, the temporary position was to be eliminated as one would think.


Not at the county.

Another accountant is hired to fill the vacancy.

Let’s give that person a higher salary than the junior accountant.

During this time (six month training) all of the towns were overpaid sales tax revenue in the second quarter.

So when it is discovered the county holds back enough money in the third quarter to make up the overpayment.

It must be mentioned that because of that over payment we lost interest on the sales tax money.

It looks like the County Treasurer’s Office is in trouble.

The team is only as good as its leader.

When asked about the over payment at an open meeting, the treasurer said it was an error in the population calculations.

Then there was the statement, “Well they didn’t complain when they were over paid.”

Now you know why I call this a snowball.

The more it goes on the bigger it is getting.

I want to be around when it starts to melt just to see people start heading for high ground.

Again: “The problem isn’t that people are taxed too little, the problem is government spends too much.”

Legislator Frank Castiglia 25th District.


  1. This is no surprise to those of us who picketed his appointment. But let’s keep electing the same old good guys or their kin! There is no connection in how I vote to what happens!
    If politics don’t matter, next time you vote, pull the other lever!

  2. This county is a total joke, including the Treasurer’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, and Sheriff’s Department, bunch of good old boys and their relatives being elected over and over again by an uninformed electorate that refuses to learn, regardless of the cost. First chance I get, I’m out of here……

  3. LOL! This is hysterical as there are a bunch of us in the area that are CPA’s and would love the opportunity to work for the county – scored 2 on the accounting test – I didn’t know the correct people in the county in order to get an accounting role…. (Heard the same thing is happening at DSS). Nepotism at its best!

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