Snowmobilers Can Ride Into City Of Fulton

Snowmobilers don’t have to avoid the city of Fulton any more.

Fulton city lawmakers have approved a change to city law that will allow snowmobiles to run along Route 3 from the city’s western edge to Bullhead Point.

Snowmobiles will still be banned elsewhere in the city, but this will allow access to Lake Neatahwanta and possibly shorten travel for those who have had to take a lengthy detour around Fulton.

Tracy Doyle of the Fulton Area Snow Travelers club said he surveyed businesses along the Route 3 corridor and said they wanted the snowmobilers. “A lot of our businesses will benefit from this,” he said.

Once the trail is established, Doyle said the club will mark the trail and maintain it.  The club carries insurance which will cover anyone hurt on the trail.

The club has more than 450 members.

The change comes perhaps a little too late for this winter snowmobiling season, but it might be right on time for ATV enthusiasts.

Oswego Valley ATV Club president Jim Marra asked the Common Council to consider changing the law again to allow ATV riders access to the same trail.

The club has 600 members and also carries insurance for anyone riding its trails.

Alderman Tom Kenyon said he supported the idea. “It’s good for businesses and we’re bringing people into the city,” he said.

Mayor Ron Woodward told Marra that the idea will be referred to a committee of the Common Council.  If the committee agrees, another public hearing would be scheduled to take up the change in law required.