Snowy Scenes Around Oneida Lake

Aging cannon/POW-MIA Memorial along the north shore of Oneida Lake

Fishing and hunting in Oswego County lead to countless hours of memorable moments. And while pulling in a walleye, aiming at a big tom, or leading a mallard are thrilling, not every second spent outside is steeped in heart pounding excitement. There’s a lot of quiet time, too, when the natural beauty of the woods and waters, combined with man’s artistic contributions, soak into your soul and wash away the skid marks left there by the rat race.

Cousin Staash (rhymes with gosh) calls outdoor recreation a “total experience.”

He explains: “You enjoy it when you’re getting ready, while you’re doing it and when you dream about it afterwards.”

“Then there’s the in-between time,” he continues. “A lot of people forget that when you’re heading out and coming home, for instance, you’re forced to take a drive in the country. And how about between hits, when everywhere you look, your senses get pleasantly whacked by the wonder going on around you.”

“Man,” Staash elaborates, an expression of disbelief climbing his face, “I’ve known ice-fishermen who were so overwhelmed by how beautiful winter is in this neck of the woods, they become distracted to the point they miss their turn and instead of turning around, end up circlin’ the lake, like they’re hypnotized by its arctic beauty, or somethin’.”

Right now is the best time (literally) to see what Staash means. And you don’t even have to step out of the car.

For an example of the natural and man-made wonders in store along Oneida Lake’s north shore, check out the photo essay below. The shots were all taken on January 23, on or just off NY 49, between the villages of Cleveland and Brewerton.

The Beast from the East

Yellow Submarine

Apps Landing. Cleveland.

Bronze Horse


Iron Monster

Multiple Use

River Castle

Signs at the crossroad


Waiting for Sunset