Some Fulton Teachers Implement New Classroom Management Tool

FULTON – A new classroom management tool is no trick, but it is magic, for some Fulton City School District classrooms.

Several teachers throughout the district have begun to implement 1-2-3 Magic, a discipline program designed to stop various inappropriate behaviors and regain control of the classroom.

Fairgrieve Elementary school-home liaison Ariana Suhr said FCSD staff members were invited to participate in a “1-2-3 Magic” book study to learn more about the processes and have already begun to see changes in the classroom.

Dozens of teachers broke into small groups during a recent program showcase, held at Fairgrieve Elementary, for families to take information learned and apply it at home.

Using elements both at home and school will help students learn consistency, Suhr said.

If a child is arguing, fighting, whining, yelling or having a tantrum, parents/guardians and teachers who utilize the practice are encouraged to first say “That’s one.”

If the child does not self-correct and the behavior continues, adults are encouraged to calmly say, “That’s two.”

If the behaviors don’t stop after that, a final “That’s three” is said and the child would then take time to cool down, lose a privilege, complete a chore, have reduced computer or phone time or other logical/natural consequences.

The key is for adults to show as little emotion as possible in dealing with the situation.

The power of the program is not the counting; rather, limiting discussion at the time of the incident.

Suhr said that also teaches children empowerment to learn and grow from the situation when they can self-reflect.

In time, she said, children better connect with adults who make those close connections with them.

Strengthened relationships, combined with the encouragement of good behavior is the program’s recipe for success.