Somebody has to do it!

To The Editor:

The expression, “somebody has to do it,” certainly applies to the dedicated and hardworking city of Fulton employees.

We have had a year of extreme cold and snowy conditions. The city workers have responded to the needs of snow covered streets and broken water lines with an increasingly shorter workforce.

Over the years, with budget constraints, the Department of Public Works have responded to the needs of the city with less people.

Through attrition and consolidation, workers have been multitasking in order to provide the services that are expected by our citizens.

Some of the same people that plow city streets also provide garbage and recyclables pickup and others continue to work under extreme conditions regardless of the weather.

In addition, the weather dictates when the hours are being spent and employees have to be ready to go with minimal notice.

As a former city alderman, for 16 years, I understand the frustration of the administration and our citizens.

This is a time when we need to understand and appreciate the work of the DPW.

And while I’m at it, we need to say thank you to our postal service employees who also brave all weather conditions.

This is a good time for neighbors to come forward and help one another.

Bob Weston