Speed Demons Swimmers Recognized

FULTON – The Fulton YMCA Speed Demons swim team would like to recognize the swimmers of the week for their outstanding performance on November 5 against the Watertown Blue Sharks.

A special recognition goes to Logan Ames for breaking the Speed Demons eight and under 25 yard freestyle record.

Senior Swimmers
Senior Swimmers

Third Row: Justin Atwater, Fiona McInnis

Second Row: Annabel Boyer, Alex Semchenko, Courtney Pierce

First Row: Bryce Rogers, Tyler Ladue, Mallory Curtis

Junior Swimmers
Junior Swimmers

Fourth Row: Maddison Blake, Kim Bednarz, Joely LaPage

Third Row: Molly Rockwell, Claire Murray, Logan Ames

Second Row: Cody Doran

First Row: Nathan Blake, Braeden Ladue, Lukas Rockwell