Sportsmen Invited to Weigh in on Hunting, Fishing in NYS

State Senator Patty Ritchie is announcing her 2012 Sportsman’s Survey is now available.

“Hunting and fishing are more than just great pastimes, they are an important part of our state and regional economies, pumping $1.5 billion into small businesses and supporting thousands of local jobs,” said Senator Ritchie. “I want to hear from sportsmen their ideas on ways to improve and grow outdoor recreation in our state and provide a bigger boost to our region’s economy.”

Last year, sportsmen participated in a similar survey created by Senator Ritchie, weighing in on everything from extending the crossbow law to their preferred hunting methods and locations.

This year, senator Ritchie invited sportsmen through her Facebook page to submit questions of their own, and many have been included in the online survey.

To participate in the survey, sportsmen can visit, and find the Sportsmen’s Survey link at the left side of the page.