St. Luke Residents Bring Home Ribbons From Oswego County Fair

OSWEGO – Residents from St. Luke Health Services visited the 155th Oswego County Fair in Sandy Creek where they spent the day enjoying food, entertainment, and collecting ribbons for their handmade crafts.

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Pictured is St. Luke resident Laura McCarey holding her handmade tie wreath that won her a second place ribbon. The residents were ecstatic to be coming home with the first and second place ribbons they had won for their handmade crafts.

The residents brought home four first place ribbons and one second place ribbon.

Among the first place winners were a handcrafted table runner by Laura McCarey, a Christmas wreath by the Crafty Nora Group, a handprint quilt by the fourth floor residents and volunteer Eva Madison, and the dish garden entry by the Garden Club.

The second place ribbon also went to McCarey for her handmade tie wreath.