St. Luke Residents Celebrate Local Strawberry Harvest With Help From Liberty Mutual

OSWEGO – Employees from Liberty Mutual Insurance in Oswego visited residents at St. Luke Health Services recently.

strawberry shortcake  time
Pictured is Liberty Mutual Insurance employees Chris Gioia, left, and Matt Shumway, right, as they serve St. Luke resident Norma Sherwood with a helping of strawberry shortcake. Volunteers from Liberty Mutual were at St. Luke to help make the centerpiece of a strawberry social from “scratch” – strawberry shortcake with all the fixings

They helped celebrate the local strawberry harvest by helping with strawberry shortcake social.

Volunteers from Liberty Mutual where at St. Luke throughout the day assisting residents with the steps in creating the local favorite, from baking the shortcake to serving the summertime favorite.