By – Carol Haynes

Oswego, NY  – After a little over three weeks off, the ISMA winged supermodifieds are ready hit the road for a big week beginning with the Xtreme Tuesday Stafford Motor Speedway event July 7 and ending in Canada at Cayuga Speedway on July 12. In between, at least six of the ISMA cars as pre-entered for the King of Wings $10,000 to win event at Oswego Speedway on July 11. There is a lot of racing and a lot of money on the line for sure. And, 2009 has started with 3 different winners in the 3 ISMA races run to date. It should be a very interesting week.
The Xtreme event at Stafford has been a mainstay on the ISMA schedule since 2004 with Chris Perley the dominant winner, taking home three of the five events to date. ISMA had one more Stafford event on its schedule back in 1980, which was won by Bentley Warren. Notably, Warren, still going strong, finished third at the 2008 running, some 28 years later! Warren also won two-pre-ISMA races held at the Connecticut oval in 1968 and 1969.  Bentley will once again running the Vic Miller 71 as a teammate to Chris Perley, which always creates a potent duo. Russ Wood, who has notched his first win already this season in the Jeff Holbrook 29 picked up the 2005 Stafford feature while hometown favorite Robbie Summers got his ISMA career first in 2007 in a spirited battle with Perley for the win.

Pit gates open at noon; grandstands at 4:15, warm-ups are at 3:30; qualifying begins at 5:45 and features start at 7:30 at Stafford. Go to for all the information.

On July 11, Oswego Speedway is hosting an MSA-Oswego Series race, which has been dubbed King of the Wings and will pay out $10,000 to the winner, probably the highest winged race payday in history. This race is coupled with the August 1, $10,000 to win, non-winged Mr. Supermodified event.  Should the same driver win both the July 11 and the August 1, would pay that driver (the car owner gets the first place prize) an extra $20,000 AT&T Rollover bonus. And that driver does not have to drive the same car!  To date six ISMA drivers have pre-entered the King of Wings 50. That day is also the annual Old Timers Reunion and Friday night is a free Cruise night with live music. See for more information.

On July 12, it’s back to Cayuga Speedway for ISMA’s first visit to that Nelles Corners, Ontario oval since 2005. ISMA has a storied history at Cayuga, which dates back to 1976 when two events were held with Bentley Warren (who else?) and Gary Allbritain taking home the wins. The winged supers hit the famed Canadian half mile three times in the 1977 season and once in 1978 with Jimmy Winks, Warren Coniam and Eddie Bellinger Jr. taking the checkereds in 77 and Warren again the victor, in 78.

In the decade of the 1980s, Cayuga hosted solo races in ’80, ’81 and ’85 with Steve Gioia Jr. winning two (one a non-winged show) and “the young one” Doug Heveron taking the other.

Ten years passed before Cayuga was on the ISMA schedule again. June and August shows were slated from 1995 through 1998. Winners in succession include Scott Martel, Mike Ordway Sr., Dave McKnight, Joey Payne (2), Ordway Sr., Russ Wood and Payne again for the second show in 1998.

2000 started another round of multi-race appearances for ISMA at Cayuga with two events that season and again in 2001. Joe Gosek claimed both 2000 shows and split the doubleheader with Dave McKnight in 2001.

In 2002, three events took place, one that saw Tony Stewart in his first ISMA super ride. Mike Ordway and Russ Wood took the first two events while rain claimed the September event. 2003 saw only one show with Chris Perley winning his first Cayuga flag. As the economies of both countries began to decline, the trips across the border began also to become less frequent. 2005 was the last Cayuga show which extended into two days because of rain. Nokie Fornoro won that show in the Soule 32.

New things are happening again at Cayuga and they’ve got some extras for the fans during the weekend with a Carnival and entertainment by three different bands Friday and Saturday. Racing is on Sunday, July 12, starting at 1:30 pm. Pit gates open at 8 am with warm-ups at 11 am. For info

Finally, rounding out the month is the 32nd annual Hy-Miler Nationals weekend at Sandusky Speedway in Ohio. Friday night’s 40 lapper is the prelude to the first longer distance race of the ISMA season on Saturday. Charlie Schultz etched his name into the ISMA winners list by winning the Friday night event last year but it was Chris Perley standing in victory lane after the Hy-Miler 100. Perley became only the third driver to win three-straight Hy-Milers since the event began in 1978. Bentley Warren managed the feat in 1984, 85 and 86 with Russ Wood claiming three straight in 1995, 96 and 97. Dave Shullick Sr. still holds the record of Hy-Miler wins with six.

Warmups on Friday start at 4:00 pm with racing at 7:30. On Saturday, gates open at 10 am, warm-ups begin at 1 pm and time trials hit the track at 4:00. Heat racing begins at 6:30pm. Got to for further information.