State Comptroller’s Audit Finds Concerns In Oswego School District

OSWEGO – The State Comptroller’s Office recently released an audit of the Oswego City School District. The purpose of the audit was to review the district’s financial condition and nonresident tuition for foster students for the period July 1, 2014 through December 31, 2015.

Key Findings

•    The board doesn’t have a multiyear financial plan.
•    The district doesn’t have an effective process to identify all nonresident foster students receiving educational services and bill their school districts for those services.
•    The district didn’t bill and collect about $237,000 in reimbursement for students.

Key Recommendations

•    Develop and adopt a multiyear financial operating plan to provide a framework for future budgets and to facilitate the district’s management of financial operations.
•    Develop and communicate procedures to ensure that nonresident foster students are properly identified and that accurate bills are prepared and submitted to school districts of origin in a timely manner.
•    Bill or rebill the appropriate school districts for services provided in past years to nonresident foster students. District officials should contact the State Education Department to determine if there is any limitation on previous years that can be billed.

Read the Comptroller’s Audit Of OCSD Here

The results of the audit and recommendations have been discussed
with district officials.

District officials generally agreed with the state’s recommendations and indicated that they will initiate corrective action.

The district will develop a multi-year financial plan with consideration of the challenges associated with collective bargaining, PILOT agreements and the instability of the state aid formula for Small City Schools. And the district will include in the long-range plan, the determination of the outstanding interfund loans from the school lunch fund, Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey replied to the comptroller’s office.