State of the County Without Blinders!

To The Editor:
Chairman Broadwell gave a nice book report on the county.

He gave us all the information obtainable by reading the County 2018 Budget and by reading our hometown media.

Skirting around the issues is truly political. Praising department heads and telling taxpayers how fortunate they are.

These are all political ploys to make the unfortunate taxpayer accept the way things are.

Now for the rest of the story!

Health Factors – ranking 61 out of 62 counties
Health Behaviors – ranking 60 out of 62 counties
Hospice Care – ranked in the top 5% in the country, not in the state but in the country.
Poverty rate in Oswego County – 2016 – 18.3% (2017 not out yet)
Unemployment rate in Oswego County – 2018 (April) -7.4%
a. Start of 2018 it was 8.2% (seasonal work lowers the rate)
b. These numbers do not include all those off the unemployment radar. (stopped looking for work)
Social/Economic Ranking – 59th
a. That is 59th out of 62 counties (only 3 counties lower than us)!

All of these rankings are among the highest or worst in New York State.

What do you as taxpayers pay for these rankings?

That is costs that are not mandated.

Chairman Broadwell makes mention of studies performed by the county.

Poverty Reduction – by CZB-$109,540
a. Initial goal was to reduce duplication of services in an effort to save taxpayers money. (no reduction in duplications)
Economic Advancement Plan – by Camoine Assocoates -$38,857
a. Split the costs with the IDA (we pay the IDA/OOC somewhere around $650,000 a year) so the cost of this study is really $79,914+ for the county taxpayers.
DSS Staffing and Efficiency Analysis – Bonadio-$48,300
a. Second study of DSS – (Poverty Reduction study was to do this)
b. Split costs with state tax money so the real costs to the taxpayers was $96,300+
c. Results were to add installation of new computers saving one hour of work per day. Costs of these were around $1.5 million dollars. Total costs to taxpayers $1.596 Million dollars.
Public Safety Services Analysis – CGR-$95,000 (budgeted)
a. Completion date of end of May
Information Technology Needs Analysis – Bonadio -$30,000 (budgeted)
Total Costs to taxpayers of Oswego County for these studies to date: $1,821,000

Non-Mandated costs.
Chairman Broadwell talks about collaboration and bipartisanship. You must look at the definition of both to see what is happening in Oswego County.

Bipartisanship: Is a political situation, especially in the context of a two-party system, in which opposing political parties find common ground through compromise.

In order for bipartisanship to work it has to be a two-way street. Other wise it is not bipartisanship it is collaboration.

Collaboration: The situation of people working with an enemy who has taken control of their country (or County).

This is what I believe is happening in Oswego County. So, Chairman Broadwell has used the correct words when using collaboration. There seems to be a lack of bipartisanship.

There have been deals made over the past five years that I have been witness to.

First one was a tipping fee break on construction debris, for the city of Fulton on the demolition of the old Nestles’ site.

Second was the reduction of tipping fees for all municipalities in Oswego County for asbestos debris at the county landfill.

Third was a common goal reached with the possible sewage line service to the Oswego County Airport and Industrial Park.

Shared Services are moving forward mostly on the municipalities part.

Formation of the Oswego County Landbank was a big step in helping with blighted properties though out the county.
All though these agreements have helped, we are a long way from coming out of the grasps of Collaboration in Oswego County.

Now you know the rest of the story.

Frank Castiglia Jr.
D – Minority Leader-25th District