State Route 3 Bridge Construction Project To Begin in Fulton

Fulton, NY – Beginning on August 7, a new temporary traffic signal, recently installed by the New York State Department of Transportation, will begin regulating traffic at the intersection of State Route 3 (West Broadway) and West Second Street South in the city of Fulton.

During the construction on the State Route 3 Bridge, some lanes of the bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic and as a result left turns for westbound bridge traffic at West First Street South will be prohibited.

The new traffic signal will allow for a greater volume of left turn traffic of westbound traffic on State Route 3 at the intersection of West Second Street.

The construction project will not only create delays for the State Route 3 Bridge and its surrounding intersections but it is expected to cause delays on the Oneida Street Bridge and its surrounding intersections as well.

This will be due to the anticipation of vehicular traffic attempting to avoid the State Route 3 Bridge construction area.

Motorists are asked to plan accordingly for the change in traffic patterns and for traffic delays.

Motorists are also asked not to enter an intersection if it causes their vehicle to block the intersection.

Blocking an intersection is a violation of the vehicle and traffic law and creates further traffic delays and hazards.

The Fulton Police Department will be closely monitoring traffic and will be taking appropriate enforcement action during the construction project.

Vehicular traffic will not be maintained across the bridge at all times, complete bridge closures may be needed at times during night and overnight hours.

Pedestrian access will be maintained across the bridge from spring to fall, with a pedestrian shuttle bus used during the winter months.

The State Route 3 Bridge project is expected to last until at least the end of 2013.