Statements On PSC Hearing On FitzPatrick Plant

OSWEGO, N.Y. – The Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition, a group representing more than 130 business, education and labor leaders throughout upstate and central New York, released the following statement in response to today’s (Nov. 17) Public Service Commission hearing in Albany on the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant transfer of ownership between the Entergy Corporation and Exelon Corporation.

The statement below is from L. Michael Treadwell, CEO of the County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency and UEJ member:

“We thank Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Public Service Commission for their hard work, together with our community, for helping to ensure that FitzPatrick will be saved.  It is because of their efforts in approving the Clean Energy Standard that we are able to breathe easy in our region without fear for an uncertain future.

FitzPatrick truly is an economic driver for our community, supplying 615 jobs, contributing $500 million a year in regional economic activity and bringing in $17.3 million in annual property taxes, which helps keep businesses open as well as local government and schools funded. Furthermore, FitzPatrick provides 1,000 jobs for highly skilled workers and building tradesman that are responsible for maintenance of the facility.

However, saving FitzPatrick just isn’t a win for upstate residents. By keeping upstate nuclear plants open and passing the CES, all New Yorkers will see $1.7 billion in electricity cost savings, cleaner air, and ensure New York State stays on track to meet its’ climate objectives  according to a recent Brattle Group report.

We also thank Entergy and Exelon for working towards an agreement on the transfer of FitzPatrick. The thousands of families who depend on the continued operation of FitzPatrick now do not have to wonder where their next paycheck will come from.”


OSWEGO, NY – Today (Nov. 17), The Rochester Building and Construction Trades Council, Central-Northern New York Building & Construction Trades Council and the Greater Capital Region Building and Construction Trades Council released a statement on the Public Service Commission’s public hearing on the agreement between Exelon and Entergy to keep the FitzPatrick nuclear plant in operation.

“Thanks to the Governor’s and the PSC’s forward-looking Clean Energy Standard, we are pleased to see this transfer agreement move forward and urge its approval,” said Dave Young, President of the Rochester Building and Construction Trades Council. “A number of studies, including a recent Brattle Group report, show that upstate nuclear plants are of great importance for the state’s economic well-being. If this transfer agreement moves forward, thousands of families will be able to continue to reap the benefits of good jobs and well-funded community services.”

“By preserving the FitzPatrick plant, New York is taking yet another step towards remaining a national leader when it comes to clean energy,” said Jeff Stark, President of the Greater Capital Region Building and Construction Trades Council. “Keeping this plant in operation, and expeditiously implementing the CES, will be a true lifesaver for our economy and the environment. Upstate nuclear plants’ role cannot be overstated in the CES. For example, including upstate nuclear in the CES saves New Yorkers $1.7 billion in electricity costs, according to a recent Brattle Group report.”

“We applaud Governor Andrew Cuomo and the PSC for their efforts to make the CES a reality, thereby paving the way for keeping FitzPatrick open,” said Gregory Lancette, President of the Central and Northern New York Building and Construction Trades Council. “Ultimately, if FitzPatrick is saved, 615 jobs will be preserved, along with $500 million a year in regional economic activity and $17.3 million in annual property taxes, that go straight to supporting local businesses and schools. I urge the PSC to approve this transfer so that the families and communities that depend on the plant for their livelihoods can rest assured of their continued economic success and can look towards a brighter future.”