Stillbirth Certificate Bill Passes Assembly

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I—Pulaski) said the Assembly passed a bill tonight that will enable parents of stillborn children to receive a stillbirth certificate. Parents are currently only issued a fetal death certificate in these cases in New York.

“I’m pleased this bill passed the Assembly. I’ve heard from several constituents who feel strongly that having a stillbirth certificate available will help ease pain and suffering, and aid in the healing process. Providing the certificate seems the least our Health Departments can do for grieving mothers and fathers who have gone through labor and delivery and suffered such a loss,” said Barclay.

The bill, if signed by the Governor, will require Health Departments to issue a certificate of stillbirth when requested by the family. It would allow parents to record a name on the certificate.

Barclay is a sponsor of this legislation. Earlier this week, he urged his Assembly colleagues to bring this through the necessary committees and to the floor of the Assembly for a vote before the end of session this spring.

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  1. I am glad its not fair for women or men to have the first document of their child be a death certificate and its one of the last memories they have why not acknowledge that at one time that baby was alive just as you or I it deserves to be honored as a life and a death just as every living person has!! Now if we could get one for women who have miscarriage after the 3rd week when the heart has started to beat for the first time!!!

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