Street Closing Fee Proposed

OSWEGO, NY – The city is looking for ways to curb its overtime expenses.

At this week’s meeting of the Administrative Services Committee, Mike Dehm, police chief, requested a fee of $150 be charged prior to issuing a permit for any type of street closing or other request for traffic personnel services that cause overtime for the Traffic Division of the Oswego City Police Department.

“Does this include the one we heard earlier from Mr. (Shane) Broadwell?” asked committee member Cathy Santos, referring to a request to close Canal Street for a concert series.

That could be, the chief replied.

According to the chief, the Traffic Department is required to set up barricades and perform other duties for street closings and special events such as block parties and races.

“These events usually take place when members of the department aren’t working their normal work schedule and that causes overtime,” he explained.

The approximate cost to the city to perform these tasks is about $150, he added.

If the council approves the measure, those wanting a street closed for a special event or those requesting use of the traffic division’s personnel outside of their normal working hours will be required to submit a check or money order made out to the city in the amount of $150 and submit it along with their written request before any consideration is made for a permit.

The exemptions would be the Fourth of July Parade, farmers’ markets, and all Harborfest, Warm Up Oswego and other city sponsored events.

The full council will vote on the resolution at its April 26 meeting.

Among other resolutions the committee sent to the full council for consideration were:

  • A request for the mayor to sign a renewed contract with Ford Babcock III as the city’s code enforcement investigator.
  • Approval of the 2010 amusement license for the Oswego Speedway.
  • Permission for the personnel director to attend the NYS Association of Personnel and Civil Service Officers’ annual conference to be held June 13 to 16 in Syracuse.

Meanwhile, the Planning and Development Committee gave a favorable recommendation to the only matter on its agenda.

Tony Leotta, city engineer, requested to schedule, advertise and hold a public hearing on the proposed changes to Section 280-90 (C) Special Permits of the Zoning Ordinance, to the Code of the City of Oswego.

The Planning Board gave it a favorable opinion at its April 13 meeting.

The proposed revision states:

“Time limit, transfer and revocation. The board of appeals shall grant all special permits with no time limit for specified use approved by the special permit. Transfer of use to a new owner shall require the same conditions and requirements as specified in the granted special permit. Any special permit granted by the board of appeals is revocable or subject to reconsideration (rehearing) should any problem arise resulting from the use thereof, based on referral to the board by the Zoning Administrator.”

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  1. Well it looks like the clown council is looking for more funds to support the citys outragous budget..Why dont those useless people take a pay cut and return the money to the budget….I keep thinking ..why did you want to become a member of jthe clown council in the first make Oswego a better place to make some extra money with a part time job..or you just had extra time on your hands and figured you had nothing better to do…Lets tax all the council meetings that are held and nothing is accomplished …oooooooops cant do that might offend someone….TOUGH…

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