Strike Now Possible at Nuclear Plants after Contract is Rejected

Members of the union representing workers at Nine Mile One and Two nuclear power plants took their leaders’ advice and resoundingly rejected a final contract offer from the plants’ owner.

The vote was 49 in favor of the contract and 425 against it, according to information posted on the website of the union, Local 97 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Union officials now have to decide whether to call a strike, which could begin no sooner than midnight Friday evening.

The two sides had extended the current contract through midnight Friday to allow time for workers to vote on what was called the company’s last, best and final offer.

Union officials had said that the contract asked for unreasonable concessions in pensions, among other things.

The decision to hold a vote came after a federal mediator rushed to the plant to try to heal the breakdown in the talks between the union and owner Constellation Nuclear.

A Constellation has said that the company has a contingency plan in place to keep the nuclear plants running if union workers walk out.


  1. I think every private sector working person in this country–union and non-union–should walk off the job and see how long it takes the country to come to a stand-still…maybe then employers will appreciate what people do for them.

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