Student Directed Drama Club Plays At OHS This Weekend

OSWEGO, NY – This Friday and Saturday evening, May 13th and 14th at 7 p.m., the Oswego High School Drama Club will present two one-act plays directed by OHS Drama Club students.

This production is special in that the adults acted only as advisors or mentors and the students themselves were responsible for all aspects of the production.

“Hello, Out There” by William Saroyan is the first play that will be presented.

Erin Chetney, a tenth grade student, serves as director and her cast includes Alex Todd, Jane Coty, Ally Bush, Seamus Darrow and Nick Cocks.

The story is that of a young gambler who has been thrown into jail in a small Texas town circa 1940, while a bloodthirsty mob congregates outside.  The cook at the jail befriends him and both of their lives change as a result.

The set design for this show is by Kiersten Neacosia, with sound design by Patricia Talamo and lighting design by Emily McCabe.

“The Monkey’s Paw” is the second play.  It is the well-known story of a happy family living in an out-of-the way spot in England at the turn of the last century.  Their contented life is turned upside down by the visit of an old soldier who brings with him a mummified monkey’s paw.  This paw has had a spell put on it by an old Indian fakir who wanted to show that fate rules people’s lives and trying to change what  fate has decreed will make one very sorry indeed.

This show is directed by Hailey Thompson and Nick Cocks, who also plays the part of Sergeant-Major Morris.  The cast includes Raquelle Moreau, Marcus Wolf, Seamus Darrow and Emily Rumrill.

Set design and construction is by Tyler Vosseller, lighting is designed by Emily McCabe, Patricia Talamo has created the sound design, and Emily Rumrill has charge of costuming.

Eve Phillips, co-advisor of the drama club, serves as mentor for both shows assisted by Angella Bandla, while Stephen Braun, co-advisor, and T.J. Bandla have mentored the technical aspects.

Ticket prices are set at only $5 although extra donations to support the club would be welcome indeed.