Student Reportedly Admits To Fake Threat At OMS

OSWEGO, NY – Earlier today (Feb. 17) an Oswego Middle School student wrote a message on a restroom stall indicating that there was a bomb in the building, according to a district statement sent to OMS parents and staff.

School officials immediately instituted a ‘stay in place’ as they prepared to evacuate the building.

However, evacuation was not necessary as the student provided the administration with a written admission of guilt, the district said.

The Oswego City Police Department sent officers to the school and the district personnel cooperated fully with law enforcement officials as they conducted an investigation.

The suspect has been identified as “a 12-year-old juvenile student,” according to Capt. Michael Beckwith.

The incident is being handled by school district officials in conjunction with OPD’s Juvenile Officer, Beckwith said.

The case has been resolved; the appropriate referrals have been made, he added.

If the subject was an adult, he or she could be facing a felony count of first-degree falsely reporting an incident.

“I am appreciative of the quick response from the Oswego City Police Department and how well they worked with the administration of the Oswego Middle School during this incident,” Superintendent Bill Crist told Oswego County Today. “I am also very appreciative of the middle school administration and staff for their clear thinking and judgment in this very serious matter.”