Students Celebrate National “Pi” Day

HANNIBAL, NY – Students of sixth grade math teacher Jodi Jones at Kenney Middle School in Hannibal celebrated National Pi day on March 14

Pi is an irrational number that is derived by taking the circumference of a circle and dividing it by the diameter.

Pi-day at Kenney Middle School
<p>Photo: Cassie Long (far left), Mrs. Jones (pie in her face), Tessa Mann (right), Abi Kyle (far right)</p>

Pi day is held annually on the late mathematician Albert Einstein’s birthday.

Students at KMS enjoyed slices of chocolate chip cookie pie, played a smart board Jeopardy Pi game, and competed by memorizing the most place values of pi to “pie” their teacher with whip cream pie.

Winners were Tessa Mann memorizing 52 place values, Cassie Long (37), and Abi Kyle (32).

Students were able to pi Mrs. Jones at 1:59 p.m. (the 3rd, 4th, and 5th decimal places of pi)!

It was a pi-licious event!