Students Have Fun at Granby Game Day

Submitted article

On Monday, June 16th students at Granby Elementary School enjoyed Granby Game Day.

The yearly event was filled with fun activities ranging from “Belly Ball” to “Wooden Egg and Spoon Relay.” Classes enjoyed the challenges and cheered one another on through the events. Dave Wilson, Granby’s physical education teacher coordinated the day which rewards the students for a successful year.

Wilson, who often uses the phrase – “’Granby Pride’, do you best!”, said the day was about fun and team challenges, not about competition. Student participants echoed that philosophy as well cheering for everyone, whether on their team or others. “It’s a day to have fun,” said Wilson.

Junk Man Relay participant Kelly Caza makes it look easy. The junk man relay requires each team member to carry all five articles of sports equipment across the field to the next team member in line. The first team to successfully complete the task is the winner.

Preston Netzloff and Rachel Bedford took to “Belly Ball” naturally. The object was to run a relay, two members at a time, keeping the ball between their bellies while navigating the course. After their turn, they passed the ball to the next two in line for their class.

The Buddy Walkers station required synchronization and team work. Front to back: Mattie Burdick, Audrey Ravas, Rebecca Stanski and Jim Smeeker worked like a real team.

Third graders Alexis Shaw (left), Lauren Nichols (center) and Megan Gates (right), enjoyed the tie dye t-shirt station at Granby Game Day.