Successful Job Seeker Credits Help from Public Computing Center Staff

OSWEGO – With persistence and a little help from his friends at the Public Computing Center, job seeker William King managed to land not just one, but two jobs.

Bill stopped by Oswego Public Library’s Public Computing Center (PCC) on two occasions during his job search.

Public Computing Center Director Theresa Slosek congratulates William King on being hired for two new jobs.
Public Computing Center Director Theresa Slosek congratulates William King on being hired for two new jobs.

At the PCC, he searched online for job openings and received help in creating a resume and writing a cover letter.

He feels the resume and cover letter gave him a leg up in his job search.

Bill said, “I was totally new in town and through the ability to use the computer lab and utilizing the staff suggestions and opportunities given, I have acquired two jobs.”

Bill also points out some other actions that made him successful.

“I was persistent and never gave up,” he said.

After creating and printing his resume and cover letter Bill personally delivered them to many businesses in Oswego, walking around town to submit job applications.

Bill continued, “I walked a lot of miles!  And at some points felt like giving up, but never let that become an option.”

While at the Public Computing Center, Bill found an ad on Craigslist by Vector Marketing, a company that represents Cutco cutlery.

Bill answered the ad and received nearly 20 hours of training on how to market the product and himself as a person.

It’s evident that Bill gained self-confidence as a result of the training and he now has a job as a salesperson for Cutco Cutlery plus a second job.

Bill’s second job is an entry level position at Real Deals Dollar Store in Oswego Plaza.

Bill is confident that he will soon rise to management as he applies himself and his new knowledge and confidence in the position.

Bill’s advice to job seekers is “Make tough look easy, never take no for an answer, never give up and keep moving forward!”

If you are looking for a job, or looking to improve your employment status, visit the Public Computing Center during Job Club on Mondays from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., or at any time when classes are not in session, for assistance with anything related to a job search, such as creating or improving a resume, writing cover letters, completing online job applications, getting tips on interviewing and polishing all communications during a job search.

Job Club is free and open to the public through a Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) grant.

Oswego Public Library is located at 120 E. Second St. in Oswego.

Please call 341-5867 x214 for more information.