Sunil Ram Drops Out of County Legislature Race, Endorses Laura Brazak

OSWEGO – Citing personal reasons, Sunil Ram has formally withdrawn his candidacy for Oswego County Legislature in the 20th District and will instead support Laura Brazak.

Laura Brazak
Laura Brazak

“I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I was given, as well as the endorsements and support I had gotten along the way,” Ram said. “Unfortunately, I just will not have the necessary time to give the great people of this community the type of legislator they deserve.”

Ram had hoped to improve the county’s economic and healthcare sectors, amongst other things.

“Knowing Laura was going to run was a great feeling. She is incredibly smart and talented, and she will ensure that the community gets back on the right track,” he said.

Ram is confident that Brazak’s background and years of political involvement should show voters that she is a serious candidate who will work tirelessly for them.

He was especially impressed with her ability to connect with people, regardless of who they are or what they stood for.

“Oswego County needs Laura Brazak,” Ram said. “If she is elected, we will all be better off. I am confident of that.”

Brazak is running for Oswego County Legislature in the 20th District.

She can be reached and followed at