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September 24, 2018

SUNY Oswego Announces Candidates for Graduation

OSWEGO, NY — Several local residents are scheduled to complete their baccalaureate studies in December at SUNY Oswego.

The following local residents (with their academic major in parentheses) are eligible to participate in the graduation ceremonies:

  • Aaron R. Campbell of West Fourth Street South in Fulton (technology education, cum laude).
  • Casandra L. Phillips of Buffalo Street in Fulton (accounting).
  • Sarah E. Heppell of State Route 48 in Fulton (art).
  • Patrick C. Milligan of County Route 1 in Oswego (business administration).
  • Krista J. Phillips of Mount Pleasant Road in Fulton (human development).
  • Patrick R. Stevens of Woodbine Drive in Oswego (marketing).
  • Valerie J. Sundberg of West Cayuga Street in Oswego (human development).
  • Andrew P. Baldwin of Gilbert Mills Road in Fulton (accounting).
  • Daryl A. Benitez of Ridgeway Sites Avenue in Oswego (computer science).
  • Bridget M. Clark of County Route 20 in Oswego (communication studies, cum laude).
  • Cala M. Glatz of West Second Street in Oswego (graphic design, summa cum laude).
  • Rosemary L. Marcy of Moore Street in Oswego (creative writing, cum laude).
  • Danielle K. Lasell of Willowgate Drive in Pulaski (elementary education).
  • Linda K. Snider of Wayne Street in Mexico (zoology, cum laude).
  • Donna L. Whalen of West Third Street in Oswego (psychology).
  • Lisa A. Bachar of PO Box 664 in Sandy Creek (psychology).
  • Bradford M. Burnham of Maple Street in Oswego (elementary education).
  • Kathleen M. Gurney-Baesl of Eisenhower Avenue in Oswego (accounting).
  • Ned E. Karcich of Lawrence Street in Oswego (chemistry, cum laude).
  • Christopher Russo of Misty Meadows Drive in Cato (business administration).
  • Judith Thomson-Story of Lillly Marsh Road in Mexico (business administration).
  • John T. Fultz II of West Mohawk Street in Oswego (business administration).
  • Christopher M. Green of Thompson Road in Oswego (information science).
  • Dallas I. Kinney of Highland Street in Fulton (public justice).
  • Michael S. Kires of Tannery Road in Constantia (marketing).
  • Joseph W. Pekarek of Barrett Drive in Minetto (history, cum laude).
  • Jonathan Simmons of West Third Street in Oswego (secondary education, magna cum laude).
  • Viktoria A. Valenzuela-Penning of West Bridge Street in Oswego (creative writing).
  • Nicole R. Pruett of Byer Road in Oswego (public justice).
  • Donald J. Heagle of Mullen Road in Fulton (public justice).
  • Megan M. Wiltsie of West Schuyler Street in Oswego (elementary education, cum laude).
  • Tiffani L. Loomis of Weller Road in Fulton (secondary education).
  • Matthew J. Kaczorowski of West Third Street in Oswego (history).
  • Mark N. Loomis of PO Box 673 in Mexico (wellness management).
  • Andrew L. Maslyn of West Schuyler Street in Oswego (business administration).
  • James P. Lagoe Jr. of Rathburn Road in Oswego (business administration).
  • Maynah E. Goble of East Albany Street in Oswego (sociology).
  • Andrea M. Barry of Duke Road in Oswego (human development).
  • Heather L. Wilson of Chesbro Road in Pennellville (elementary education, magna cum laude).
  • Danielle C. Schickling of State Route 3 in Pulaski (art).
  • Ryan G. Carpenter of County Route 4 in Central Square (public justice).
  • Raymond J. Pauldine Jr. of Park Avenue in Fulton (computer science).
  • Lauren M. Walcutt of West Albany Street in Oswego (psychology).
  • Daniel Y. Morey of County Route 20 in Oswego (elementary education).
  • Alex P. O’Hara of Searles Road in Parish (geology, summa cum laude).
  • Megan D. Wagner of Johnny Cake Road in Fulton (biochemistry).
  • Jeremy W. Johnston of County Route 57 in Fulton (public justice).
  • Jessica M. Edick of Knapp Road in Constantia (psychology).
  • Kelsey R. Hodge of Van Auken Road in Lacona (wellness management, cum laude).
  • Cassandra J. Emmett of Fifth Avenue in Oswego (human development).
  • Amanda L. Cole of Elizabeth Street in Oswego (sociology).
  • Kristian R. Woolley of Canfield Road in Parish (psychology).
  • Elizabeth R. Shaw of Bangall Road in Parish (studio art).
  • Joseph S. McMahon of West Eighth Street in Oswego (applied mathematics).
  • Rachel E. McCormick of Lakeshore Road in Oswego (public justice).
  • Kimberly A. Jones of Darrow Road in Mexico (psychology).
  • Michelle R. Peterson of East Second Street in Oswego (elementary education, magna cum laude).
  • Jessica C. Arguinzoni of West Second Street in Oswego (meteorology).
  • Zachary D. Griswold of Utica Street in Fulton (psychology, cum laude).
  • Stephanie L. Esposito of State Route 104 in Parish (elementary education, cum laude).
  • Alyscia M. Woods of Kings Road in Fulton (history).
  • Margaret A. Knopp of Gardenier Road in Oswego (marketing).
  • Jenna M. Fosco of Garden Drive in Oswego (secondary education).
  • Anna M. Pidkaminy of PO Box 492 in Parish (English).
  • Alexa L. DiFabio of Pellet Road in Hannibal (psychology, magna cum laude).
  • Stacey L. Phillips of Mount Pleasant Road in Fulton (wellness management).
  • Sarah C. Bame of Margaret Street in Oswego (English).
  • Katherine D. Holliday of PO Box 358 in Mexico (human resource management, cum laude).
  • Emily A. Engelhard of Melody Avenue in Hastings (creative writing, summa cum laude).
  • Megan J. Porter of PO Box 301 in Minetto (creative writing, summa cum laude).
  • Rhiannon M. McCollum of Fraser Road in Mexico (psychology).
  • Michelle L. Finch of Halsey Road in Pulaski (communication, magna cum laude).
  • Laura M. Nicol of Toad Harbor Road in West Monroe (psychology).
  • Danielle M. Phelps of Sundown Road in Fulton (biology, cum laude).
  • Rebecca Jacques of West End Avenue in Oswego (psychology).
  • Matthew C. Anderson of North Sixth Street in Fulton (economics).
  • Michael L. Spaulding of East Sixth Street in Oswego (applied mathematics).
  • Christina M. Naioti of Center Street in Fulton (accounting).
  • Ruth N. Vasquez of Cayuga Street in Fulton (biology).
  • Donald V. Horn Jr. of PO Box 238 in Hastings (secondary education, magna cum laude).
  • Louis R. Castaldo of Hillside Avenue in Oswego (fine arts).
  • Craig Heckman of Cemetary Road in Constantia (communication).
  • Danielle E. Walsh of West Ninth Street North in Fulton (mathematics, magna cum laude).
  • Letizia C. Knapp of West First Street South in Fulton (accounting).
  • Danelle M. Price of Birch Lane in Oswego (public justice).
  • Mary Hoefer of Hannibal Street in Fulton (secondary education, cum laude).
  • Venus A. Waters of West Seventh Street in Oswego (human development).
  • Elizabeth A. Leonard of Walradt Street in Fulton (elementary education).
  • Brandi M. O’Connor of PO Box 94 in Bernhards Bay (graphic design).
  • David C. Reichel of Dutch Road in Mallory (business administration).
  • Jeane L. Spencer of Russell Road in Fulton (creative writing).
  • Rebekah L. Quick of West Wood Road in Pulaski (creative writing).
  • Lauren R. Campbell of West Fourth Street South in Fulton (business administration).

Students who graduate with honors are indicated by the traditional Latin phrases summa cum laude, with highest honor (grade averages of 3.8 to 4.0); magna cum laude, with great honor (grade averages of 3.6 to 3.79); and cum laude, with honor (grade averages of 3.30 to 3.59).

Admission to SUNY Oswego is competitive. U.S. News rated it a “Top Up-And-Coming School” in “America’s Best Colleges,” and the Princeton Review included Oswego in its college guidebook “The Best Northeastern Colleges.” A 148-year-old comprehensive college in the State University of New York system, Oswego enrolls over 8,200 students in its College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; School of Business; School of Communication, Media and the Arts; and School of Education.

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