SUNY Oswego Go Green Team Hosts CarrotMob Function At Bridie Manor

OSWEGO,  NY – The SUNY Oswego Go Green Team will be hosting its second semi-annual CarrotMob function at Lombardo’s Bridie Manor. The sustainable event will be held on April 20 from 4  to 9 p.m. at 1830 Bridie Square.

The Go Green Team President, Mike Colucci, said, “Sustainability strives towards evolution and endurance, which will help our society now but more importantly, in the future.”

The CarrotMob invites all members of the community to participate in this sustainable effort. All proceeds go to Bridie Manor and 46 percent of the revenue is put back into the business to make it more energy efficient. This event will bring people together to support a great cause and enjoy a delicious meal.

Bridie Manor will provide an all you can eat buffet for a price of 8 dollars and dollar draft beers. The buffet will consist of spaghetti, meatballs, salad and bread. It will be located in the back dining room, providing a beautiful view of the Oswego River. There will be a live bluegrass band playing from SUNY Oswego during the event.

The first 100 people that come through the door will receive a free CarrotMob T-shirt.

The SUNY Oswego Go Green Team held the event last semester. It was a huge success with a turnout of over 300 people, most of whom were students from the college.

SUNY Oswego student, Erin Collins, who attended the function last semester said, “The CarrotMob event was very organized and well-done. I enjoyed a delicious meal, visited with friends and supported a good cause. I hope that they do it again.”

This semester, the Go Green Team is aiming to get the public more involved in their effort. Their goal is to slowly help make Oswego a “greener” community through their CarrotMob function. The goal of this event is to get local businesses to become more energy efficient and sustainable. The money that is raised at Bridie Manor will allow the business to contribute to this great cause.

Please join the SUNY Oswego Go Green Team at Bridie Manor on April 20. It costs $8  at the door.

For more information, visit the Go Green Team Facebook page and join our CarrotMob event.