SUNY Oswego Honors Excellence in Advising

OSWEGO — Jody Fiorini and Kristin Gublo are this year’s recipients of the SUNY Oswego President’s Award for Excellence in Academic Advisement.

Jody Fiorini
Jody Fiorini

An associate professor and interim chair of counseling and psychological services, Fiorini said she takes on around 75 advisees because she enjoys the role so much. While CPS is a graduate program, Fiorini also meets with dozens of undergraduates, at the request of her colleagues, to discuss graduate study and career options.

“I believe that all students deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and that they are truly our reason for being,” Fiorini wrote. She said she considers her role to include orienting students to the profession and making them aware of research and presentation opportunities.

“I gain a great deal of pleasure in seeing my students obtain positions because of phone calls that I have made, enter doctoral programs due to my encouragement, or even decide that counseling is not the field for them after a heartfelt conversation,” she added.

Fiorini submitted a portfolio filled with written notes on thank-you cards, printed e-mails and handcrafted letters spelling out her helpfulness, encouragement and willingness to go the extra mile. “You challenged, motivated, inspired and enabled me to grow both professionally and personally,” one card read. “You would never know the difference you have made in all of our lives,” added another signed by several students.

Student nominator Tina Marie Barbuto said while she “heard from multiple students across various disciplines that Jody was a phenomenal resource for academic and professional development, it wasn’t until I experienced it myself that I was convinced. … Her individualized approach is only matched by her commitment to giving personalized caring attention, an attribute that is hard to come by in today’s fast-paced world.”

Winning chemistry

<p>Kristin Gublo</p>
Kristin Gublo

As advisement coordinator for chemistry and biochemistry students, Gublo matches some 100 students to faculty every year, advising around a dozen herself. The department’s technical specialist, Gublo said her advisement philosophy encompasses availability, scheduling for the future, following through and continuous learning.

“I make sure the students know my door is always open,” Gublo said, in person and via e-mail. “Being available also means reaching out to students when I think they need some assistance. Sometimes students are hesitant to ask for the help.”

In addition to learning the evolving responsibilities and facets of advising, Gublo brought new ideas to the role. Last year, for example, she coordinated a liquid nitrogen ice cream social for freshmen and new transfers to meet returning students, faculty and staff.

“What amazes me the most is that the job of advisement coordinator would tax most people quite heavily, but Kristin manages to do this job on top of her other duties in the department,” Jeffery A. Schneider, chair of the chemistry department, wrote in support of her nomination. “She’s extremely well organized and she is extremely dedicated to helping our students.”

Student nominators agreed, citing Gublo’s ready assistance, problem-solving ability and friendly nature. “I have received many e-mails from her which consistently hold reminders for important opportunities for my personal and professional development,” student Michael Kiley wrote. “My situation in life, as a student and as a person, would be very different if it were not for Kristin Gublo.”