Superintendent Looks To Fill Voids in Oswego District

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City School District hopes to fill the void left by retiring district clerk William Foley in the near future.

Long-time secretary to the superintendent Joanne Conzone announced her retirement.

“My plan moving forward is to take that position and make it a confidential position given the nature of the information coming in and out of the superintendent’s office,” the Superintendent Ben Halsey said.

It will also be the duty of that person to serve as the clerk of the school district, he added.

“I am in the process of reviewing what is the going market rate for a starting salary for someone in that position,” he said. “With that being said, the other part of the district clerk’s responsibilities, as so admirably held by Bill Foley, was the public relations piece, which we are officially without at this point. I am exploring options for the district to fill that capacity. I think we’re very close to having someone in place for that. We have some steps we have to follow in order to secure either a person or agency to come in and serve in that capacity.”

He hopes to have the position filled “in the very near future.”

He has sensed a decline in things like student and staff recognitions since the retirement of the district clerk.

In the meantime, he is asking those in the district with news to share forward any photos or write ups to his office.