Superintendent: More Work Needed On District’s Goals


OSWEGO, NY – While much time and effort has been put in on the Oswego City School District’s goal setting process, there’s more work ahead, according to the superintendent.

“We have done a lot of work since we last met on our goals setting process for the coming school year,” Superintendent Ben Halsey told the board at this week’s meeting.

He hopes it will lead to a longer strategic plan for the district, a ‘roadmap’ for the district to follow.

The administrative council met all day on July 29 to develop some concepts and plans and on the 30th, the school board joined them to go over the information.

They shared where their priorities are in three major areas: student academic achievement, fiscal responsibilities and infrastructure, and also governance and communication.

“We’ve developed a template of three key goals in each of those areas. From there, I am going to formulate those into a concise document and share that with all of our administrators and the board of education for a review and edit, with the idea to refine this document to something we can all agree on,” Halsey explained.

Then, he’ll bring the plan back to the board for its approval.

“A lot of work has been done. We have a little bit more work to do on it. The effort that’s been put for on it and the collaborative discussion that took place in this process was great,” he said. “I do believe, and it was articulated well in our workshop, that developing the goals is just part of the process. The follow through on them and using them as your guide is probably the most critical piece. We don’t want all this time and effort and work to be for naught.”

The whole idea is to bring focus to the district’s decision making, he added.

“Thank you and the administrative team for taking the time and effort to go through that retreat and set the goals and expectations,” board vice president Lynda Sereno told the superintendent. “Also, thank you for inviting us to participate. One of the things I was thinking afterwards is that we get time to know our administrators on more of a personal level. That sort of opened up the gate for us to sit and chat with them and get to know them as people.”

Moving forward in a collaborative environment will help in developing a flagship district, she said.