Superintendent Thanks Community For Budget Support

Dear Oswego City School District Community:

Thank you for your support of the school district budget last week.

Additionally, I extend thanks to our community for our bus proposition for the purchase of three new buses and for exercising your vote for our two new board members.

During difficult economic times for both our state and community, it is reassuring that our citizens support the efforts of a quality educational program.

I can think of no greater service to our community than to provide an education to our children that will prepare them for their future as productive members of society.

The voter turn out and resulting vote was positive, and thus, allows our school district to strive to meet the ever changing needs of our students, while remaining competitive in a 21st century economy.

We are proud of our accomplishments as a school district, but we continue to focus on our mission whereby all students will reach their full potential in the best possible engaging learning environment.

We have hard, yet meaningful, work ahead as a school district and community.

I thank all of the board candidates who expressed a genuine interest to improve our school district.

I would also like to congratulate the newest members of our school board; incumbent, Mr. James Tschudy and new member, Mrs. Kathleen Allen. I look forward to working together with all of our Board and members of our community, as we proudly strive for excellence in the Oswego City School District.

William W. Crist
Superintendent of Schools