SuperStar of the Week

By – JJ Andrews

I put a lot of thought into this SuperStar of the Week business. Usually, it’s not about the racing – it’s more about whose chops I want to bust, or what I want to crack wise about. This week … more of the same.

Let’s see…  I could go with Andrew Schartner. He’s won back-to-back features in the division. But wasn’t he SuperStar just a week or so ago? You can win back-to-back features, but you can’t be a back-to-back SuperStar. Not on my watch.

I probably could go with Kevin Knopp, who was 2nd last week. Kevin’s wrecked, blown motors, and had many problems this year. He’ll lose his defending champion status this week, and insists that he’s selling everything, and getting out of racing – just like everybody says at the end of a frustrating year. But he’s been pretty grouchy this year, so it might be true. So… if I do a “Grouch of the Week” column, I’ll keep Kevin in mind.

Jason Simmons wants it bad. He was 5th again last week, and hasn’t been rushing right home to cry after the races like he used to. He’s been sociable, and even bought me some crazy adult beverage called a “Captain Shelly” at the bowling alley last week. It almost worked, but he’s not getting another SuperStar award. He’s too desperate. Plus, the last time I gave him a SuperStar award, he immediately started mouthing off to me on this website’s message board. Not happening. It’s going to take a lot more than ONE Captain Shelly.

I don’t know if he’s just whining, like that guy in the band “Kings of Leon,” or if it’s true. But there’s a driver that claims that in my two seasons of SuperStar columns, he’s NEVER been a SuperStar of the Week. Could it be possible that Brian Sobus has never been the honoree?

During a three-day trip to Bristol for the modified / truck race with Brian and Barry Kingsley, that subject came up. But there’s a good reason he‘s never been chosen by me. Usually. SuperStar of the Week is reserved for people that I like. (Calm down everyone – I’m just kidding!)

As a two time winner this season, Brian is hoping to double that total this weekend. And to prepare, he’s been doing a lot of Ford research, to become better acquainted with what his competition is doing. (Russ Brown, who is one of his main competitors, has a Ford engine in his car.) So to prepare, Brian has been flying Barry’s Ford Five Hundred up route 81, just to see how it reacts.

Sure, he’s won races. He’s going really fast this 2nd half of the season. He should have been SuperStar when he won in front of the huge Thursday night crowd for the USAC / NORA race. But that’s not how you win SuperStar of the Week. Brian has been bestowed that honor by doing the little things. Like discovering a bikini car wash. Or wheeling us through a traffic jam in Mechanicsburg, PA … on two wheels.

His prowess is well established now in my mind. Definitely this week’s “SuperStar of the Week!”