SuperStar of the Week

By – JJ Andrews

I have never picked a SuperStar of the Week based on something that they MADE. This is a first. There are actually TWO SuperStars.

Dave and Nancy Bond have been taking their sons, Mike and Bob Bond to the races since they were little kids. All through high school, when I talked racing with Mike and Bob, the only race track they would talk about was Oswego Speedway. Pavement racing, and Oswego Speedway, were the subject of many arguments between the Bond brothers and my brother and I, who were staunch dirt racing fans.

Missing a race at Oswego Speedway was never an option for the Bonds, who would require an act of congress to get them elsewhere on a Saturday night. Dave and Nancy had their spot in the stands every week, and would have the boys there in time for warm-ups, long before they could drive themselves to the track.

“Sometimes you see some of your best action in warm-ups,” Mike once told me during a dirt vs. pavement argument between the Bonds and my brother Bob and I. (Didn’t help his argument.)

When I started racing the “amateur division” on the dirt at Weedsport, Fulton, and Brewerton Speedways in the early 1980’s, Mike and Bobby were my crew. We did a lot of work on those old cars, and at times we worked on them in the garage at the Bond household. The same garage where Mike and Bobby both worked on their racecars until just a couple years ago, when both built their own shops at their own homes, next door, and across the road from their parents.

One year, (probably 1982 or 1983?) a good chunk of the winter was spent doing body work and painting and prepping my Chevelle pure stock in the garage at the Bond home. The car came out so nice, we had it in the “Motorama” at the New York State Fairgrounds. Somewhere are some pictures of me standing next to the red car with the sides painted blue, fading from light blue to dark blue. I definitely know where the “first place in division” trophy is for that show.

I was always welcomed by Dave and Nancy over the years, and Nancy was the first to tell me “You little [email protected] . . . you looked good out there!” when I first drove Steve Miller’s supermodified in 1995. (She was being polite – I was horrible at it.)

What Dave and Nancy Bond MADE, which has won them the SuperStar award this week are two great kids – and two great racecar drivers. That was proven last week, when Mike won the small block supermodified feature, and Bob won the winged supermodified feature.

For the first time ever in 60 years of history, brothers won the features on the same night at the Oswego Speedway. It was a great night, and both parents were there for the celebration. (Nancy missed the races, but made the 7-mile run from home in New Haven for the party.)

Congratulations to Dave and Nancy Bond, this week’s “SuperStars of the Week.” Something that never could have happened without that little twinkle in Dave Bond’s eye, about 46 and 44 years ago.