SuperStar of the Week

By – JJ  Andrews

This week’s SuperStar is the best driver this season that hasn’t won a feature at Oswego Speedway.  Every week he runs great, proven by the fact that he’s been on the podium each of the last three races.

Mike Bruce signed on to drive Rob Pullen’s small block supermodified for the season in 2010, since Rob had planned to take the year off to build his new business, Pullen’s Plumbing Supply in Oswego, N.Y.  The family friends struck the deal, and Bruce has had an amazing rookie season.  As the season winds down, Bruce finds himself just three points out of 5th place in points, 752 to Tim Barbeau’s 755.

Most notable of Bruce’s accomplishments is the fact that although just barely out of high school, he has earned the respect of his co-drivers.  He has had plenty of opportunity to use the “chrome horn”, and muscle another driver out of the way for a deserved victory.  But he’s clean – to a fault.

Now that he‘s got the experience, he can – and should – win some races by being more aggressive.  Nice guys finish last in the small block supermodified division.  Or 2nd or 3rd.

The Bruces recently purchased Shawn Walker’s car so they can give Rob Pullen his FFB car back.  Of course Pullen wants to run Classic, so you may see him back behind the wheel shaking off the rust as early as this week.  Hopefully Walker’s car is as fast as Pullen’s car, so Bruce can stay up front.  A handicap that includes three podium finishes will have him starting way back in the pack, so his work is cut out for him.

Put your swagger on, Mike!  It’s expected and accepted in this class. I’m not saying that it’s time to dump somebody for a win, but you’re a good enough driver to muscle someone safely – scare them but don’t wreck them -  when you’re three tenths faster.  (Unless it’s an orange car…)  No more mister nice guy!  I bet your Dad already told you that.