Support for Katko

To the Editor:
I am writing to ask residents to support John Katko, the Republican challenger to Rep. Dan Maffei.

I write not just as an elected Republican legislator here in Oswego County, but as a person who knows many of the Katko family, including John.

My best friend, Brian Leary, married John’s sister, Mary Lou, this past summer.

The pair had been together for several years and during this time I have gotten to know many of the Katkos.

They are a warm, fun-loving clan who always bring life to any gathering.

It’s always been a treat to be over to the Leary home when the Katko family were up.

The wedding was a special time for all of us, and I had an opportunity to talk to John for a time about the campaign and the issues.

The one thing that always has stood out to me in talking to John is his love of his family and our region.

He will be a resident congressman, because this is where his home and family are.

It’s time to once again have the district congressman live full-time here.

John wants to be part of rebuilding Central New York’s economy, to bring back good paying jobs and opportunities that will keep our youth here, and perhaps return some of the many that have left.

The Katko family is no different than any Central New York family in that they have seen some of the next generation leave for lack of opportunity here.

John has the desire and ability to work with both sides politically to solidify the “Central New York team,” locally and in Washington.

Campaigns for Congress have changed in the past few years, outside money has taken over the races in both political parties, often obscuring the real people.

In this race many baseless distortions and lies have been leveled at John that have upset his family and friends greatly because they simply are not true.

I’m writing this letter to convey what I know to be the truth: John Katko is the “real deal.” John has a solid record as a prosecutor and is respected by his peers.

He is devoted to his family and is a loving son, sibling, husband and father.

During his career, he has worked tirelessly to better our community, making our neighborhoods and cities safer.

I firmly believe that this district (which includes the western side of Oswego County) would benefit by a change in congressional representation at this time.

Shawn Patrick Doyle
Pulaski, New York