Support For Mercedes Niess

Dear Editor

As a retired educator and school administrator in the Oswego City School District, I understand how critical it is to have the experience and knowledge to deal with large budgets, create policy and to plan for the future.

I am also a local businessman and understand the challenges to running a business in a tough economic climate.

A climate, that Oswego County has been experiencing for decades.

I would like to see candidates elected that have the ability to be critical thinkers and who have a long-range vision for our county.

It is time to stop doing business as usual. It is time to change and take charge of our own future as a county.

This is why on Tuesday, Nov. 3 I will cast my vote for Mercedes Niess for County Legislator 15th District; she has the skills and abilities to make these things possible.

Let’s put partisan politics aside and support the best candidate for the job.

The right candidate may not be your best friend or your neighbor but might be the best choice to make Oswego County the leader in Central New York.

Look for Mercedes Niess on the Independent “Time for Change” line, (lower right corner).

Bill Symons
Oswego resident and business owner