Support Sought For Oswego Public Library

To The Editor:
The Friends of the Oswego Library respectfully asks the citizens of the Oswego City School District to support the Oswego S.D. Public Library by visiting their polling locations on Tuesday May 15, and voting yes for the library budget.

Our library is a great resource for our community with all of the great programs that it offers such as the children’s room, story hours, workshops, summer reading program and battle of the books.

They also provide public access to computers and the internet, adult learning programs, loan books, audiobooks and DVDs.

The Friends of the Library hopes that you will join us in voting yes.

Thank you!

Joe McManus
Board President Friends of the Oswego Library.

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  1. This is blatent, outright deception. The school district owns, runs, operates any business connected to the library. Making it sound as if it is in dire straight is outright deceptive. Your tax dollars already pay for this. It is just deceptive rhetoric! If they can’t get it one way, they try to get it by being deceptive. Enough is enough. We the taxpayer better smartin up, or they will have everything and we will be moving!

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