supporting Coleman for Family Court

Dear Editor,

I am supporting Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman for Family Court Judge. Like most folks, family court didn’t mean much to me, in fact I really didn’t know what family court did.

But then my college buddy’s two little great-grandchildren became part of a custody case in Florida. I have seen first hand just how important family court is.

Family court involves the lives of children, their parents and siblings, grand and great grandparents; friends try to fill in the gaps to keep the wheels moving on the home front. As in the case of ‘my two little children’ it means putting life on hold while court appearances are postponed, it means taking retirement savings to pay legal bills, it means numerous doctor and counseling services, transportation and medicines.

Family court is not like most courts. It is not a court to punish – it is a court to do what is in the best interests of children and families; the person that takes on that responsibility must have a heart for children.

I signed on to work for Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman at petition time. Over these passed months, I have seen her interact with children, I have run into people who tell me “she was my lawyer and she really went to bat for me.”

I have met two unrelated grandmothers who are happy that, because of Lou Anne, they have a relationship with their grandchildren. Because of this, I have carried petitions and walked in parades, gone to chicken BBQs, painted signs and knocked on countless doors in the county, handing out palm cards in the heat of summer and the cold rain of fall.

Believe me when I say I wouldn’t do this for just any candidate. But Lou Anne is not just any candidate!

Family court needs a person who cares about our children and families, a person who is dedicated to hard work, a person who gets the facts and a person who can make the tough decisions in a fair manor.

Please join me and vote for Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman November 4.

See you at the polls,
Rita Hooper

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  1. Thank you Rita. I also support Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman for Family Court Judge for Oswego County. She is by far the best interest of our children.

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